• Mark Durnford

5 Great land training exercises for swimmers

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Start adding these exercises into your gym sessions to help unleash your swimming potential.

1. Straight arm pull down – a great functional exercise for swimmers, engaging the lats and encouraging a strong ‘catch’ phase of the pull if performed with open, non gripped hands using a straight bar.

2. Medicine ball jump squats – an explosive exercise that recruits the fast-twitch muscle fibres throughout the glutes, quads and hamstrings giving you every opportunity to exploit a strong leg kick and a great push off from the wall every time.

3. Swiss Ball plank – a key factor in efficient swimming is to have strength through your core. Any core stability exercises will benefit your stroke immensely but the plank will give you this using the functional position adopted in most strokes.

4. Narrow grip seated row – either using the machine or barbell. Narrow grip will ensure a greater focus on your biceps doing the work along with the rhomboids and posterior deltoids, all the muscle groups that are used in swimming.

5. Cable machine wood chop with lunge – an excellent all round swimming exercise using your upper body, core and lower body as well as improving stability and co-ordination.

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