• Mark Durnford

Breaststroke swimming drills

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Breaststroke Swimming Drills

Practising swimming drills can be a highly effective way of improving individual aspects of the over stroke when it comes to swimming. They allow you to individually focus on the intricate detail of the stroke components which in turn should lead to increased efficiency and / or power output. Breastroke swimming drills aren't always as well known as those for other swimming techniques, therefore I hope the following clips help to show some of the option available. Practising these regularly within the warm up phase of your swimming workout will definitely help you get more from your Breaststroke:

Legs only using pull buoy

The Breaststroke leg kick performed using a pull buoy to enhance the technique of the 'Whip Kick' generating greater power and distance per kick.

Legs only on your back

Isolate the legs using the poolside to prop yourself up and observe the leg pattern adopted. A great drill to forge the correct movement pattern before moving this onto your front as it's supposed to be performed.

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